If we can laugh together we can live together.

Scott and Dean performing at Florida Atlantic University.

Scott and Dean performing at Florida Atlantic University.


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A review of our show at DePauw University March 18, 2017.

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"STANDUP FOR PEACE shows audiences that Jews and Arabs not only can get along as comedy professionals, but that each can have a respectful sense of humor about themselves and the other's culture and politics. We need to support them, think like them, and send them on the road around the world as ambassadors of peace and pleasure.  Larry Litt, New York Theater Wire

"Everyone after the show was telling me how much they enjoyed the event. It was really nice to see all the different people talking about the event. I saw Jews and Muslims laughing and walking together across campus. STANDUP FOR PEACE really did bring different people together. Thank you for your time and talent." Judah Kupferman, Queens College Hillel

"Scott Blakeman and Dean Obeidallah, two stand up comedians of Jewish and Arab descent respectively, performed for a room of Columbia students and demonstrated the possibility of mutual respect and understanding between the two groups." Matt Glasser, from an article in "The Columbia Spectator," Columbia University's student paper.

"I had the honor of working at the Seeds of Peace International Camp in Maine for the Leadership Summit, where I was captivated by your StandUp for Peace show. It was not only incredibly funny and entertaining, but also carried peaceful messages of understanding. It was truly amazing to witness the Israelis and Palestinians come together after the performance later that night and reenact jokes, making both sides laugh." Vera Chang

"SCOTT BLAKEMAN is an astute, funny political observer who loosed his darts in a tone that remained suave and smilingly ironic. One of New York's sharper political commentators." New York Times

"DEAN OBEIDALLAH is part of a vanguard of young Arab-American comics who are determined to show America they are just like everybody else, one laugh at a time."  Christian Science Monitor

"We are so glad that you came -- all the feedback has been very positive. People had a lot of fun. You and Dean were a big hit." Millsaps College

"It was amazing! It was a great way to just laugh for the night, and also an educational experience." University of Washington